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Connect with nature, enjoying places you never imagined to see in the North of Chile, Geyser, hot springs, fauna, flora, customs and typical food of our Altiplano.

Enjoy a Full Day knowing the Chilean Altiplano; flora and fauna fill these magnificent towns with life, you will be amazed by the Geysers, jets of hot water expelled through porous rocks, Andean towns that will trap you with their architecture, stories and traditions, their inhabitants are kind people who invite you to interact and learn more about its culture, delight with the typical food of this place prepared with Andean products typical of the area.

SCHEDULE 04:00 – 04:30 a 19:30 – 20:00
Transfer to and from the hotel Shared Transport
Breakfast and lunch Snack, water bottles and oxygen
Geyser entry ticket
Admission ticket to Puchuldiza hot springs
WHAT TO BRING Warm clothes, comfortable shoes, swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen
WEATHER Subject to weather conditions

The tour is for the whole day, leaving Iquique between 4:00 and 4:30 in the morning, prior coordination to go to look for them at their respective lodgings.

We will visit as the first attraction the GEYSER DE PUCHULDIZA, place located at 4.200 m.s.m., a geothermal area in which large jets of water are expelled from the center of the earth with temperatures of over 80 ° C, reaching up to more than 10m in height. Very close to this place are the Puchuldiza Thermal Baths that belong to this same geothermal area, they are thermal waters that leave the ground with more than 40 ° C, and you can enjoy bathing in these waters, while we will be waiting for you with breakfast served outdoors to enjoy the landscape that surrounds us.

Then we will move to the town of Mauque but on the way we can see a type of altiplanic plant whose main characteristics are medicinal properties and slow growth is only 1mm per year. We will arrive at the town of MAUQUE, populated Aymara altiplánico that shines a small Church that dates from the XVII century seated in mud and adobe, we will also be able to observe settlers offering typical weavings of the place. Continuing with the tour we will visit the LAGUNA ARABILLA, a magnificent place that presents great biodiversity of the heights, you can appreciate and know a fantastic landscape and great quantity of species of native flora and fauna. Chilean Flamenco, Andean flamenco, Pato Juarjual, Suri, Vicuñas, Culpeo Fox, Vizcacha and among domestic species, llamas, alpacas and sheep are the main animals that you can observe in this tour.

We will also visit the town of ENQUELGA, producer of Quinoa, super healthy food typical of the highlands, we will also know its church and the plaza, we will move to COLCHANE, border crossing between Chile and Bolivia, we will be able to observe the transit between the two countries living a little reality. We will also visit the town of CARIQUIMA, a place known for its artisan weavers and their ancestral Aymara way of life, this is where we can enjoy a lunch prepared with typical products from the area such as quinoa, potatoes, llama meat, etc. Already taking the return road, we will visit the Valley of happiness, rocky forest where imagination makes us shape this place. We will arrive to Unitas hill, where we will be able to observe the largest petroglyph in northern Chile. THE GIANT OF TARAPACÁ, petroglyph with more than 80m high, interesting vestige of the ancient inhabitants of the north. Return to Iquique we will be arriving approximately between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. to their respective Hotels.